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Category Archives: Warm up & practice

imagedownload movie How to Be a Latin Lover 2017

Ableton Live 9
Ableton Push
Rudiments for drums
Practice drum pad

here a play along track for drummers: a funk – spacey – electronic bass loop with some spices and 107 bpm in straight 4/4.

a version with click track [right click to download]

a version without the click track, just the count in [right click to download]

here’s the orginal track

three agains four is the foundation of polirythm


the standard straight – to – swung variation in 4/4 for practice

drums in between the cracks

a varation on the kick, playing straigh against swung

drums in between the cracks

The king is back, here 3 must-see video from his latest wic firth educational

Jojo Mayer reveals some of his secret weapons for creating modern sounds on the drumset. Developed over years of experimentation with his cutting-edge band Nerve, these concepts push the boundaries of modern music and blur the line between acoustic and electronic music.

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