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Category Archives: Drum Loop

an instant groove and music ideas service for your sets

rudimental drumming by gianluca sgalambro click here for a compilation of differente grooves and music loop for you music

Hip Hop Essentials – Drum Loops and Music Bricks

some tracks with electronic drum loop, some “ableton-shopped” and morphed: free download

5 Funk Drum Loop 98 BpmWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

absolutely mind blowing bbc radio 1 special on one of the most mindblowing drum break in music history

the amen break drum transcription

“1,000,000 years from now, when humans are extinct, an alien race will send their archeologists to our planet. They will uncover our musical recordings and declare, “The Amen Break. This was truly a species with potential. Too bad they destroyed themselves.” (Michal Kiegiel – YouTube)”

and, now, something completely groovy
Amen Brother – The winstons

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